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Suikerbos Jewellery

Designed by nature, made by us

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About us

Our Process

The heart of Suikerbos stems from a deep fascination with the small intricacies in nature.

Symmetries, spirals, waves, cracks and stripes are explored through hand drawn sketches.

Ideas are reworked and simplified in the strive to find a balance between wearability, comfort and maintaining those loose lines from the observation drawings.

Our brass and stainless steel metal is cut, polished, coated and finally assembled to become delicate jewellery pieces with an organic feel.

All our orders are beautifully and uniquely wrapped in colours, textures and actual fynbos to further reflect our love of all things natural.

Our Inspiration

Suikerbos designs come from a love of creating and a deep fascination of South African botany.  

We like to look at nature up-close, observing the tiny patterns and repetitions hidden on leaf edges, the complex mark makings on succulents, the wavy ripples on shell surfaces. Capturing the beautiful shapes and elegant lines in our Suikerbos designs.

Our space

Suikerbos Studio is situated on a hill just outside of Simons Town.

We are surrounded by mountains and ocean, waves and trees bent to the ground by an ever present wind.

A favourite past time here is foraging for natural elements in the surrounding area. Little clusters of stones, shells, quills, bark, petals and stems are visual references for our designs.

We adore our studio space and if you ever do wander out this far, we hope you will pop in and say “Hi”

Why we do what we do...

Good morning

I just received my parcel .. Absolutely stunning 💜 I love daisies so this is really something nice for me. Cannot wait to wear it



Pakkie gekry. Oorbelle is nog mooier in lewense lywe. Baie baie dankie.

Mooi dag 🌷🌷


Thank you for making such gorgeous jewelry!

Don't even get me started in your earrings... Birthday in April 😁😁😁


Dankie, ek is mal oor julle juwele! Tydens die vakansie is daar by ons ingebreek 🤦‍♀️, die versekering het uitbetaal en nou kan ek myne vervang. Ek het myself sommer bederf met ekstra...net vir die lekker en die troos.

Ek sien uit om my Suikerbosse weer te dra!